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        Quality Sharpening at a Great Price:

        Cutlery Corner provides simple, fast, and reliable professional sharpening for those common, around-the-house knives, scissors and tools.

        While many sharpening services only cater to businesses, we've made our living taking care of not only businesses, but also moms, hunters

        cooks, do-it-yourselfers and gardeners that need sharp, safer items for everyday tasks - at a price that is simple and affordable.


        We've been doing this for 29+ years.  You can be assured that your important cutlery and tools will be handled carefully, sharpened

        professionally, and shipped quickly.  Let us earn your business by following these simple steps:


        1.    Click on the ordering options below that best represent the items you need sharpened.

               Remember most knives and scissors are just $3.

               Complete, save, and print your order.


        2.    Ship your items to the following address:


               Cutlery Corner

               190 East 400 South

               Orem, Utah  84058

               Attn:  Sharpening


               Pack your items carefully, providing whatever packaging necessary to assure safe transport.  Enclose a copy of your order, along

               with your phone number (so we can contact you if necessary) and ship it however you desire.  The USPS Priority Mail (presized

               boxes) seems to be the cheapest and fastest method for us but we will accept any shipment from whatever service you choose.

               Insure as you feel necessary.


        3.    Upon arrival, we will open, take a digital photo of the box and contents, compare the enclosed items with your order document, inspect

               each item for damage, and contact you if there are any issues**, concerns, or questions.  Most sharpening is done within two working

               days, excluding holidays.


        4.    We will return your items via USPS Priority Mail.  Return shipping costs are $4.95 for orders under $70.

               Return shipping is free for orders over $70.



        **  Most issues requiring further contact regard item condition.  Items considered to be in any condition that might cause concern or extra

        costs i.e. chips, cracks, rust, etc. will not be sharpened until the customer has been contacted, given permission to proceed, and paid any

        extra fees as necessary.  Quality and safety is our first concern.  We will make sure you know of any important issues before proceeding.






Straight single blade knives


Serrated single blade knives (under 10")


Household scissors


Kitchen knives





Serrated single blade knives (over 10")


Hunting blades with gut hook


Pinking shears



Multiple blade knives (2+ blades)


Pruning shears/clippers


Barber/beauty bevel shears (one grind)


Single blade axe 



Beauty convex shears (double grind)


Lawn mower blades


Paper cutting blades

       (remove from cutter - usually 2 blades)

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