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Benchmade Knives - Where to buy?

Benchmade Knives are considered to be one of the finest, if not THE finest, production knives available in America.  Chances are you are

reading this as part of your investigation to determine where to buy your Benchmade knife.


10 years ago you would have purchased your Benchmade from your local authorized Benchmade dealer.  Dealers are required to have a

physical storefront so chances are you would have contacted Benchmade directly for the closest dealer and purchased locally.


Those days are gone.  Now there are literally thousands of Benchmade dealers you can access on the web.  Some are better than

others....and therein is the heart of the matter.  Who can you trust?  Who offers the best price?  Who has adequate return policies?  Who provides

excellent customer service?


Cutlery Corner has never been afraid of helping customers answer these questions.  Many people think we are crazy for doing this...

but the following contains a list and links to whom we consider to be the competitors you should investigate as you choose your Benchmade

supplier.  There are thousands more but these are the ones we suggest.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this list:



The Knife Depot

www.knife-depot.com/custom/guarantee.php - This is the Knife Depot "Why Shop at Knife Depot?" page.


USA Knife Shop

www.usaknifeshop.com/aboutus.asp - This is the USA Knife Shop "About Us" page.



www.bladehq.com/cat--Contact-Us--95 - This is Bladehq's "Customer Service" page.  



www.knifecenter.com/whoweare.html - This is the KnifeCenter.com "About Us" page.



www.knifeworks.com/faq.aspx - This is the Knifeworks "FAQ" page.


Knives Plus

www.knivesplus.com/index.html - This is the main page of Knives Plus's website.



All these online retailers offer great selection and advertise the same price for all Benchmade knives.  The price is the same because of

Benchmade's M.A.A.P. policy that all Benchmade dealers must conform to by signed agreement.  Basically this policy means that all Benchmade

knives can be advertised with a maximum 15% off MSRP.  If you want to verify the Benchmade MSRP for a particular knife visit www.benchmade.com.


This policy does NOT limit the price that a Benchmade knife can be sold at.  That is why most, if not all these sites, will go to great length to

mention that they will match any competitor's advertised price.  You must contact them via email or phone to get the best price possible.

Chances are all online retailers will sell you a Benchmade at about the same price if contacted.  All that is required to verify this is time and patience.


Cutlery Corner has been selling cutlery and accessories since 1981.  We are not the biggest online retailer...but we have been selling knives for a long time...

and will sell you a Benchmade knife at the same price as our competitors...or at least give it a good try.


So, if most places will sell you a Benchmade at basically the same price then what other factors should you consider in deciding where to

buy your Benchmade knife?


Here are a few things we think you should consider:

1.  See if there is a local Benchmade dealer convenient to where you live.  Visit and take the time to touch, feel, and learn about the Benchmade knife(s)

        you are interested in.  Chances are that local dealer will work hard to earn your business with add-on value that online retailers can't match.

2.  Find the dealer that adds value to your purchase.  Will the dealer supply the necessary customer support and services (sharpening, adjustments,

        warranty assistance etc.) for you to get the most out of your Benchmade knife?

3.  Look for what we refer to as "Benchmade loyalists".  Most serious Benchmade dealers have a standing order for all new, first production knives

        as they become available from the factory.  These first production run knives are produced in limited quantities and are numbered.  Look to see

        what number a particular dealer has of any given first production knife available on their site.  Chances are the lower the number, the longer

        that retailer has been a Benchmade dealer. 

4.  What is the return policy?  Is it long enough to reasonably return your knife if necessary without penalty?

5.  Call the customer service number and talk to a "live" person.  The web has not replaced one's ability to get a "feel" for a company by simply

        talking to a company representative.  Do they know the product?  Can they answer your questions completely and professionally?


Obviously there are other things to consider.  Hopefully this has given you food for thought as you wind through the internet maze of choices.


We invite you to consider Cutlery Corner as your Benchmade dealer of choice.   www.cutcor.com/cc_utah_county.htm is our webpage that explains

the full-service values we offer if/when you buy a Benchmade knife from us.


Good luck!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding any information or questions and answers posed on this page.